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Day 23/10/2018

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Minimum: 28
Maximum: 14
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Hamlets: Costela, Gamil, San Fiz, Vilanova. 
Tourist information:

Although small in size and population, Margaride has a number of attractions that invite us to visit it. Through Margaride passes the old Camiño Real, Vía da Prata, which reaches the 38km mark here on its way to the Obradoiro.

In the beautiful hamlet of Costela, in a group of noble buildings, can be found the rural guesthouse Casa Méndez, the 15th century tower-house, the only example of transitional civil Gothic architecture in Trasdeza and the house and studio of the most international painter to have a Galician soul, Manuel Colmeiro (1901-1999), where he spent long spells, It is now considered by some to be a small "sanctuary of Galician art.”

In this house his daughter Elena Colmeiro was born, she has won awards both in and out of Spain and managed to raise ceramics to the level of sculpture. 

In the hamlet of Costela is the rural guesthouse Casa Méndez.


Patron Saint: San Fiz. 1st and 2nd August.

San Antón. 1st and 2nd August.