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Brañas de Xestoso

A small ridge of hills located between the basins of the rivers Ulla and Umia and characterized by having moderate altitudes and terrain with gentle slopes and almost flat summits. There are small areas of peat and heather in the presence of small oak woods. In the area there is a small breeding population of little bustards, a characteristic bird of grassland habitats.

  • Biodiversity
  • Hiking

Heathers and gorse are the most widespread vegetation in the countryside. Common Gorse is present (Ulexeuropaeus) and Dwarf Gorse (Ulex minor) Broom (Genistaturrracantos) and heather (Erica cinerea and Erica umbellata), whereas in waterlogged areas thickets appear of hydrophilic heathers such as Cross leaved Heather (Erica tetralix) and Dorset Heather (Erica ciliaris).

Of great value is the presence of Sphagnum Moss (Sphagnunspp) and numerous amphibians, reptiles and nesting birds like the marsh harrier (Circus pygarsus) and Bustard (Tetraxtetrax).

From the Hermitage of S. Sebastian, and using the track that crosses the nine towers of the wind farm, you can easily reach the Lagoa Sacra, full of myths and legends, thus enjoying a beautiful walk without any difficulties and breathtaking views.

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Site of Community Importance (SCI). Special protection area due to the inherent worth of the resources it holds and the concentration of the habitats it shelters, participating in the European project of the European Network 2000. It has incalculable scientific value as it is a true record of the past.

It is locatedin the west of Silleda Council, in the parishes of Xestoso and Moalde, bordering the municipalities of Forcarei and A Estrada.

This natural space has a total area of ​​1,077 hectares with some altitudes around 700 m. above sea level, being the highest point of the Couto S. Sebastián de Moalde. Of note are the Chapel of S. Sebastián and the Lagoa Sacra, a place that combines nature and biodiversity, undoubtedly an área of interest for wildlife conservation.

Surface area: 1.077  Ha.