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Hamlets: Corveira, Eirexe, A Lama, A Torrevedra, Vis. 
Tourist information:

Rellas, like Escuadro, enjoys the benefits of the Escuadro valley and the rivers Escuadro and Toxa which feed the arable lands. Although small in size, its history mirrors that of the benefactor and protector Legerén Beltran, of French origin, who since his arrival in 1820 changed the life of the whole parish, modernizing working methods, creating industrial mills, constructing a paper mill and a tannery and even making several improvements in the parish, including the new church. Today he is merely a historical figure, but there remain signs of his presence such as the manor house known as the Casa da Fábrica and the French-style mansion built next to it later.

In the ethnographic aspect we are lucky to see restored, thanks to the Council Workshop (2008), the largest mill in the municipality. The Muíño de Covián, built in 1810 with four mill stones it was one of the most important mechanized mills in the area where the locals came to get precious flour. Today it is easily reached from the Vía da Prata, near the Stone Bridge in Chapa, and you can enjoy the river, oak woods and tables arranged in the picnic area.


Patron Saint: San Martiño. November 11th.

Our Lady of Guadalupe. September 8th.