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Hamlets: Cornado, A Cruz, Chapa, Eirexe, Penido, A Chaira. 
Tourist information:

Located in a central site, from the year 1836 it was the capital of the Jurisdiction of Trasdeza, until for security reasons the Mayor requested a change of administrative headquarters, which was granted in 1853 and relocated to the parish of Silleda.

Its historical importance is reflected in the Castro (fort) near the church and in the bridge over the river Toxa of medieval origin.  Being part of the Camiño Real and thus, pilgrimage route and stopping off point with a Hostel-Hospital, dedicated to Our Lady of Consolation, and the site of one of the most important castles of the Dezas in the region, destroyed in 1320. The church was built in the 17th century and the outstanding 18th century Chapel of Saint Brais, with the renowned and miraculous Virgin of the Fountain.

In civil architecture the Casa de Colmeiro stands out, and talking about this surname, remember that in this parish our most international painter, Manuel Colmeiro Guimaráns (-1999) was born, who, after stays in Buenos Aires, Paris, and Vigo, finally set up residence in his house in Costela. (Margaride).

Through this parish passes the Vía da Prata  on its way to Santiago.


Patron Saint: San Cibrao. The Sunday before the 16th of September.

A Candelaria. February 25th.

San Brais. February 3rd.