The priority order for hostel occupation will be as follows:

  1. Physically challenged pilgrims.
  2. Pilgrims travelling on foot.
  3. Pilgrims travelling by horse.
  4. Pilgrims travelling by bicycle.
  5. People travelling with support vehicles.

Beds will be assigned upon the pilgrims' arrival at the hostels. Under no circumstances will bookings be possible.


The use of the hostel to spend the night and/or the use of any of its services or facilities will entail the payment of 6 € per person, per day, which will be acknowledged by the receipt to be delivered upon payment
by the hostel manager.


The use of the aforementioned hostel facilities by pilgrims will be subject to their compliance with the following conditions:

  1. The maximum period of stay will be of a single night, except for sickness or other force majeure cases.
  2. Hostels will close their doors at 22:00 pm.
  3. Hostel checkout must take place before 8:00 am.
  4. In order to prevent disturbances during sleeping time, lights will be turned off at 22:30, with the exception of the communal areas.
  5. Users must show proper diligence when it comes to the maintenance of the facilities, making them clean and tidy.
    Therefore, trash must be picked up and thrown into the corresponding containers.
  6. No misuse of the water or light services will be allowed.
  7. Clothes will be hung out to dry solely on the laundry ropes.

The non-compliance with any of the aforementioned duties, as well as any behaviour that could be deemed disturbing of the smooth running of the hostels,
will empower their managers to force any offenders to leave. Offenders might also be subject to further liability, including non-admittance to any other hostel of the network.