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Hamlets: Abades, Bazar, Campomarzo, Covas, Reboreda, A Bouza. 
Tourist information:

Abades, known in medieval times as Santa Maria de Pedre, is fortunate to be a small parish rich in historical, artistic and cultural heritage as well as a spectacular landscape.

The recent works of the High Speed Train (TAV), revealed to the public the Chousa Nova Mámoa I, (mound), considered the oldest to be recorded in Galicia. It is also well-known for its shrine to N ª Sr ª dos Desamparados, in whose honour Melchor Ricoi erected an impressive temple in the 18th century, with the tallest tower in the district and the largest bell in the council. Facing it is the original Romanesque church dedicated to Santa María, built simply, but with interesting and curious corbels and unique frescoes inside. It forms part of the Romanesque Route and has been declared of cultural interest.

In civil architecture, the shield on the Casa da Viña stands out with the coat of arms of the Gil, Taboada, Luaces and crowned lion of Valenzuela as well as the chapel dedicated to San Antonio. In this house the writer and politician Ramón Valenzuela was born (1914-1980). 

In Bazar, a simple chapel dedicated to St. Queitán completes this outstanding collection of religious constructions.

A well-crafted stone cross alongside a miraculous spring which is linked to the rituals of this sanctuary and that of the Corpiño (Lalín) presides over this ensemble.

In Abades can be found the railway station for A Bandeira constructed in the first half of the 20th century and inspired in the architectural style of the Galician palaces.

Culturally food here has a special gathering in the Festa da Rosquilla which is held on Easter Sunday.

For fans of mycology Campomarzo is a treat to visit during the autumn.

In the hamlet of Reboredo there is a  Granxa Escola e Albergue Turístico (Farm schooland Tourist Hostel). This environmental education centre is recognized by the Xunta.


Festa da Rosquilla. Easter Sunday

San Queitán (Caetano). Last Sunday in July

Santa Maria. August 15th

As Dores (Corpus), 3rd Sunday of September