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Hamlets: Forcas, Freixeiro, GalĆ”n, Laro, A Pereira, O Pereiro, RiobĆ³, San MarrtiƱo, Sante, O Souto, A Calvela, A Gandarela, Pelures. 
Tourist information:

This is the fourth most populous parish in Silleda. It forms a rural nucleus of some importance as far as services are concerned within the arrangement of the council which serves the surrounding parishes.

Some companies involved in the metal sector, milk production and services, including bakeries and a soft drinks factory (the oldest in the region), ensure the stability of the population, a fact that is reinforced with the major roads that cross it and go from Silleda to Carballiño and Lalín to Pontevedra, as once did the bridle paths that lead to Ribeiro and Ulla.

Historical features that stand out are the Cruceiro do Camiño (1171), The 19th century parish church near O Castro, the chapel at O Pereiro, and the Bronze Age rock carvings at  Pena das Cazolas.

Gastronomically, as one would expect, its meat is renowned, and can be eaten in the "Parrillada Milenio" located in Freixeiro. But if there is one thing that the inhabitants of Laro have managed to elevate from a simple repast, to that of a sublime dish, it is the Tortilla (potato omelette). The Festa da Tortilla, is an event which praises local housewives, visitors and the dignitaries who are invited to give the opening speech.


San Salvador. The 1st weekend of August.

Festa da Tortilla.