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The weather in Silleda
Day 10/08/2022

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Minimum: 25
Maximum: 17
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Hamlets: A Laxe, Marza, Oleiros, Pazos, Pena do CamiƱo, Vilanova, O Carballo, FornerĆ­a, A Malata. 
Tourist information:

Named after the ancient clay industry, which left several ceramic deposits at the Iron Age sites of Castro Montaz and Castro das Orelas, from which one can see some stunning scenery. Also worth mentioning is the rock carving at the site known as Chao de Petos.

The local church has a curious Romanesque tympanum, similar to the one in Taboada church (Romanesque Route), which shows the fight between Samson and the lion. Beside it, in the atrium, there is an interesting medieval tomb. In civil architecture the Pazo da Marza or Casa da Fidalga are notable.

Here the Science Professor Francisco Javier Sánchez Cervela was born, father of the illustrious writer Francisco Javier Sánchez Cantón, director of Pontevedra Museum and the Prado Museum.

Local cuisine can be tried and enjoyed at the barbecue restaurant “O Carballo" whilst staying at the rural guesthouse Casa da Viña located in the hamlet of Pazos.


Patron saint: San Miguel. September 29th.

The Feast of San Clodio. September 30th.