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Hamlets: Besteiros, O Campo, Castramonde, Castro CastriƱo, CuƭƱa, PortapiƱeiro, Santifoga, O Castro, O Monte. 
Tourist information:

The modern church built in 1918 dedicated to San Xiao doesn’t resemble the old church at all which figures in a donation made in the 12th century to Carboeiro.

In civil architecture the old Pazo de Carricoba stands out with its shield, large gate, dovecote and other elements to be found in a nobleman’s house. This stately palace was always linked to the lineage of the Valenzuelas in the 17th century. In time it passed into the hands of the Mondragons, aristocrats from Vizcaya, who in the 18th century became marquises, finally the title passed to the Armadas, Marquis of Santa Cruz de Rivadulla.

Today it is a beautiful and fertile parish devoted mainly to livestock arming and agriculture.

The parish organizes a gastronomic festival of some repute, the Festa da Carne ao Caldeiro, which has been forever linked to traditional fairs and octopus, staple dishes of the carters on the road to Castela.

Whilst on the subject of food, the barbecue restaurant Fontes, next to the Camiño de Santiago, Via da Prata, offers a good selection of meats and local produce.


San Xiao. 6th and 7th January.

San Antón. June 11th.

Sta. Margarida. The 2nd weekend in August.

Festa da Carne ao Caldeiro. April.