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The weather in Silleda
Day 13/06/2021

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Minimum: 29
Maximum: 18
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Hamlets: Breixa, Breixiña, O Castro de Breixa, Outeiro, A Pena 
Tourist information:

From the Iron Age period the Castro das Penas stands out and the prehistoric engravings of Primadorno, declared of Cultural Interest (10/03/1975).

Inside the parish church, there is an extraordinary apse and the best Romanesque capitals in Galicia, with its rare figures highly significant in mythology and exceptional: sirens, harpies and centaurs. It forms part of the Romanesque Route).

In its vicinities we also have to mention the 16th century Casa de Fares, linked to the Negreiros and Portelas, with its aristocratic Italianate gate and singular piece of Deza armory and chapel. Also worthy of note is the mighty oak to be found nearby.

The illustrious son of Silleda and canon of Lugo D. Antonio Garcia Conde, was a native of Breixa and is buried here, researcher and teacher of almost all the priests of the council.


Santiago (St James). 25th and 26th July

Chestnut Festival October