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Hamlets: A Barcia, Barro, Cartimil, CĆ³scaros, Costoia, O Currelo, O Marco, O Outeiro, Penadagra, Sestelo, Siador, O Campo, A Gouxa, O Redondo. 
Tourist information:

This parish appears with the name of Senator and Seador in several medieval documents. The Castro do Marco and that of Cartinil, the dolmens of Montedas and Gandaracha and especially the petroglyphs of the Peneda do Encanto with its fantastical legends, of golden fowl, vouch for its antiquity. But the parish is known internationally for being the first Marian sanctuary in Spain (1863) in honour of Our Lady of A Saleta (Salette), which, every 18th  to 19th of September, attracts thousands of pilgrims to the Romaría da Saleta.

At present there is also a spiritual center run by Saletino Missionaries, their purpose being to broaden understanding into the Marian phenomenon. Adjacent are a campsite, ancient oak woods and the 18th century Pazo de Sestelo belonging to the Rivas family all of which have helped to promote the sanctuary. Nearby, in Penadagra also worth a visit is the Siador Cork over 600 years old and registered in the catalog of unique trees of Galicia in 2009. Completing the visit is the Lázara stone cross In Siador and the Peto de Ánimas (1868) in O Marco.

Another festivity with fixed dates on the council calendar of events is the Romaría do Rapaz, which was first held in 1989, organized by and for children it includes numerous educational and leisure activities.

If this were not enough, there is a hiking trail marked out known as the Sendeiro da Saleta.


Patron Saint: San Miguel. September 29th.

Our Lady of A Saleta. 18th and 19th September.