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The Siador Cork

It is an evergreen tree with an estimated age of 500 years, of large dimensions, a previous report prepared by the town council, resolution of June 1st, 2009  for the General Directorate of Rural Conservation of the Environment Ministry of the Xunta de Galicia, made it part of the catalog of Arbores Senlleiras de Galicia (Singular trees of Galicia).

It is the first to receive this recognition in Silleda, according to the Evaluation Committee, for its outstanding characteristics of large size, age, aesthetic value and its undeniable historical and cultural significance.

The presence of this singular specimen is remarkable considering itis in a place that is at the limit of what would be its natural habitat and of such a considerable age, taking into account the humanized surroundings in which it "survives".

Location: Hamlet of Penadagra, Siador
Next to the Shrine of Our Lady of A Saleta.

Other Interesting Places

The Shrine of Our Lady of A Saleta.

The centenary oak woods of A Saleta Shrine (with barbecues and tables).
The Pazo de Sestelo.
The stone crosses of Saleta and Siador.
The Saleta Path.
The statue of Our Lady of A Saleta, a work in bronze by sculptor Fernando Rodríguez


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Common name:
Cork oak

Scientific name:
Quercus suber L.

Surroundings of A Saleta Shrine.

Figure of Protection: Included in the catalog Arbores Senlleiras of Galicia


530 m.

How to get there:
From Silleda, take the PO 201 road  which goes to Laro and 2 km. along, In the  hamlet of O Marco, in the parish of Siador, you take the detour to the right towards the Shrine of Our Lady of A Saleta. It is located on the same track a few metres from the existing campsite.

Diameter: 1,30 m.
Height: 2,7 m.
Cup distance: 30 m.
Perimeter: 8 m.
Estimated age: 500 years.