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The Forest of Cascaxide

Forest History: The history of the forest of Cascaxide is undoubtedly linked to the Pazo which has its origins in the eighteenth century. For more than three centuries it managed to survive almost in its original state.

In early 2008 the start of logging endangered its survival affecting ancient trees and beginning a struggle by the owners for its conservation. There is a firm commitment to preserve the forest which foresees the realization of educational, scientific and recreational uses all of which are perfectly compatible with the flora and fauna of the landscape. For now, the fight has led to the granting of a preventive system of protection by the Xunta de Galicia halting logging and initiating proceedings so that the forest be declared "Area Natural de Interés Local."

How to get there: To access Cascaxide Forest, take the N-640 road that goes from Silleda to Caldas de Reis. 3 km along, take the turning tothe left in the hamlet of Senra direction Escuadro. On this track there is a sign which says Cascaxide. From here you have to walk up a small 20 m ramp, from this point starts the main trail.

Flora: the tree layer is dominated by oaks, some of them centuries old, and chestnut trees, which reach great heights and gives the forest its distinctiveness. Accompanying these masses are bays, birch, hazel, willow and holly some of them over 12 m in height.

As part of the forest floor shrub species such as butcher's broom, wild pear, buckthorn and numerous climbers like ivy, honeysuckle and gentian give an idea of ​​the plant diversity.

Fauna: The longevity of the trees in the forest provides shelter for large numbers of animals such as wolves and foxes; they live with deer, wild boar and a rich community of bats and other mammals.

In addition, a large number of species of birds live in the forest, amphibians and reptiles like the hawk, the goshawk, the pigeon, lizards, snakes, frogs, etc.

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Name: Forest Pazo de Cascaxide
Location:Parish of San Salvador de Escuadro (Silleda)
Area: 7 ha.
Figure of Protection: Natural Area of Local Interest (pending)
Ownership: Private
Altitude: 493 m
Type of Forest: Mixed forest of mature oaks and chestnut trees as the main species