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Hamlets: Casas do Monte, Costoia, Fonteboa, O Foxo, A Mera, Mourelos, Silleda, Toiriz, Toxa, Trasfontao, Outeiro. 
Tourist information:

Silleda is the capital of the council with 3,568 inhabitants, 35% of the total population (Data 2010).

Its current development is due mainly to the Semana Verde (Green Week) it has served as a driving force in agriculture and catalyst for investment with great impact on the agribusiness and services, both commercial, and administrative.

Town Hall, Regional Agricultural centre, Medical Centre with Continuous Care Service (PAC), Fire Station, Civil Guard barracks, Secondary School, Music School, Municipal Library, House of Culture and Youth Centre, Área 33 Business Park and the International Fair gives the town its nature of  coordinating center for the socio-economic life of the municipality.

A visit to Silleda, with its excellent infrastructures, (Via da Prata for pilgrims, N525 road and AP 53 motorway) offers the charm of its modern open streets, friendliness of its locals, monuments to famous people (Alfredo Ramos, and D. Vidal Ferreiro), or allegorical, the Muller Labrega (working woman) by Acuña and to emigration by Garcia Blanco.

The squares, gardens, ancient oak woods and sources of leisure, with forts like the Eira dos Mouros in Toiriz, The Pazo de Trasfontao or noble manor houses like that of the Fuentes, María Guntin Tábora or the hamlet of O Foxo de Deza are other features of interest.

As for leisure, the Festa do Lacón during the Summer Festival, the Festival de Bandas in April or at Christmas, the Choirs Concert  "Spring Evenings", are to name but a few of the activities for the enjoyment and relaxation of both visitors and locals alike.

In this parish were born renowned individuals of the science world such as Xosé María Blanco Gerpe (1878-1957) who played an important role as an anthropologist at the University of Buenos Aires and Montevideo, and Xosé María Fernández Colmeiro (1894-1859) who ran the Curie Cancer Institute, and was awarded the Chevillon prize by the National Academy of Medicine in París. In the arts Marisa Soto (1955-1988) stands out as a film, television and especially theatre actress.

Timely recognition should be given to a prominent group of artists in this parish, steadfast representatives of the good work being carried out by the council, arts as diverse as painting, Marisa Miguélez, sculpture, Fernando Rodriguez, ceramics and glass, Toño González, and leatherwork Jose Villar. In their work is stamped the soul of Trasdeza.


Sta. Olaia. December 10th.

Summer festival (Festa do Lacón): 2nd weekend of July.

Virxe do Pilar. October 12th.