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Hamlets: O Barral, A Brea, Camporrapado, Cardigonde, Cortegadela, Covas, Fondevila, FramiƱƔn, Regalade, Segade, XubĆ­n, O Burgo, Os Chaos, A Pena, A Revolta. 
Tourist information:

Tourist information: It is the largest parish in the council and one of the most populated. It is deserving of consideration due to its interesting history. It had its very own fair in Camporrapado on the 24th of each month and was an obligatory stage on the journey to Ribeiro due to the bridle path which crossed it. In the 18th century it had ten innkeepers and fifteen carters. Highlights are the vestiges of primitive life to be found in the rock carvings of Pena Longa y del Castro do Cura en Cardigonde.

The Religious architecture in the 16th church and the chapels of S. Brais in the Casa dos Chaos, a famous drovers´inn; of Framiñán dedicated to Sta. Lucía and the chapel of the Afflicted in Camporrapado, of the year 1812. In Camporrapado is the birthplace of Galician politician Antón Alonso Rios (1887-1980) and the renowned doctor Alfredo Ramos (1898-1960).

Gastronomy has one of its high points with the celebration of the Festa da Paella in the summer congregating over 1,500 people.

In hamlet of Covas, is the rural guesthouse, Casa Grande de Fuentemayor.


Patron saint: Santa María. Last weekend in July.

Festa da Paella