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Other examples of prehistoric culture worth highlighting are the Penadauga Rock in Escuadro, full of rituals and traditions, the petroglyphs of the Pena das Cazolas in Laro, the Chao de Petos in Oleiros, the Peneda do Encanto in Siador, the motifs of Primadorno in Breixa and Pena Longa in Cortegada. Also carvings on the rocks on the Braña Mound in Refoxos and 24 carat gold  bracelets found in Barravaite in Lamela, now in Pontevedra Museum, are part of the rich heritage of the council. In this section you will find the sites which are easiest to visit.

  • Pena das Cazolas
  • Chao de Petos Site
  • Pena Longa Site
Location: Sante. Laro
Period: Bronze Age
Chronology: 2000-1500 B.C.
Coordinates: X: 562.676 Y: 4.721.423  H 29

The petroglyphs are mostly located on a slab which leans slightly towards the SSW near to another stone on which it rests. This stone was displaced from its original location it also has engravings on its vertical face.

The main slab contains a baroque composition based on ladder like motifs and around twenty circular combinations, associated with those. One can also observe runs and cup motifs as well as a series of curved lines that join to the aforementioned.

These petroglyphs demonstrate a close parallel to those at Chao de Petos, for its repeated association between circles and ladders.

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Location: A Laxe. Oleiros
Period: Bronze Age
Coordinates: X: 562.940  Y:4.721.541  H: 29
Chronology: 2000-1500 B.C.

This is a horizontal slab at ground level. Its motifs comprise of circles, ladders and runs with one curiosity that a group of these motifs is enclosed by a large oval circle.

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Location: A Brea. Cortegada
Period: Bronze Age
Chronology: 2000-1500 B.C.
Coordinates:  X:563.845  Y 4.723.270 H:29

To get there: Taking the road Silleda to Laro pass the village of Cortegada, on the straight known as dos Chaos, in the middle distance, using as reference point a bib with a cross at the entrance of a house, you take a path to the left until you reach a farm. As soon as you go past the smallholding take a detour to the right and 200 metres along amongst some gorse on the left are the rocks.

The ensemble consists of three granite rocks with engravings.

The first is a leaning rock, facing SSE, about 2.4 m. long and 2 m. wide. It has three circular groupings. The second is also a granite rock on which can be found engravings on two horizontal surfaces at different heights, so that some of them are at the bottom of natural posts. The designs include cups and circular combinations. The third is a large granite slab, long and flat, which only offers a grouping of four circles around 60 cm. in diameter.

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