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Silleda Capital of Trasdeza

The town of Silleda has been the capital of Trasdeza since 1853. Years before, from 1836, the town hall had been in Chapa, or temporarily in O Foxo de Deza, places of great importance until the beginnings of the 19th century.

It is important to note that at this time when Trasdeza belonged to the province of Santiago, in O Foxo de Deza there was a royal administrator, judge, pharmacy, tobacconist and post office with intermediary fees going to  the Archbishop of Santiago and Mr. Sarmient owner of the influential House of Costela. It also had a Civil Guard barracks. 

Formed at the beginning of the 19th Century, the first mention of Silleda appears in the 17th century as a designation of one of the parishes in the Trasdeza jurisdiction. In the 18th century it held populous markets the 18th of every month, then going on to hold them the 6th and 23rd, and finally every Tuesday in the enclosure of the International Fair of Galicia, via the most advanced auction of animals in the state.

Its church, dedicated to St. Baia existed before the year one thousand under the name of Exilieta, it features in a donation made to the Bishop of Lugo Don Pelaio in 998.  It also appears under this name, as a beneficiary in the will of Teresa Sánchez de Gres, in the year 1395.