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Fervenza de Férveda Trail

A linear route returning along the same itinerary, which begins in Escuadro, at the place called Muíño de Varela (waterwheel) and ends at the foot of the Fervenza de Férveda waterfall.

Linear itinerary.
A waterfall approximately 15.7 metres high, plus another one 4.8 metres high that flows out of the omergulleira pool, located in the upper course of the River Férveda-Escuadro, a tributary of the Toxa, in the place called Férveda, bordering the parishes of Escuadro and Xestoso. It forms part of the EuropeanNatura 2000 Network under the name Brañas de Xestoso, a Site of Community Importance.

Riverside forest featuring native trees such as oaks, chestnut trees, alders, birches, willows and ash trees, hollies, laurel trees, royal and heterophilous ferns.

Falcons and crows.Pied wagtails, sparrows and swallows.Wild boar and field mice. Common trout in upper course. Dragonflies.

- Community washing place built in 1952
- Rodicio waterwheels called: Muíño de Herdeiros, Muíño de Bataneiro, Muíño de Outeiro, Muíño das Carballeiras, Muíño da Regueira and Muíño de Varela.


- Start: Muíño de Varela (waterwheel)
- Finish: Fervenza de Férveda (waterfall)

Length of itinerary: 2.7 km
Time: 45 minutes
Degree of Difficulty: Low, except in the last 200 metres going up to the foot of the cascade.

How to get there
The trail is located in the parish of Escuadro (Silleda). It can be accessed from the N-525 road in Silleda and the N-640 road in Senra via Cascaxide. As a reference, the meeting place is located in the parish church of San Salvador and from there to the place known as Muíño de Varela.Mapa Sendeiro de Ferveda


Equipment: Comfortable footwear and clothes, water (there are no fountains), cagoule and sunscreen, depending on the weather.

It can be done as a round trip, but it is advisable to follow the path marked to avoid getting lost. In such a case, call: 660 663 660 or 664 809 145 (Civil Protection)