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Water Route

From the hamlet of Buxos in the parish of Parada, there is a circular path provided, in which mills, fountains and wash houses recently restored by local initiative unveils the importance of water in this area, discovering flora and fauna that give life to streams, reservoirs and pipes.

This approved route of 6.7 km., starts at Buxos where, following the course of a stream it descends until the first of the restored fountains, Redemuiños fountain. At this time the landscape turns into fields and meadows that lead down to Herdeiros Mil. The journey continues until you come across a road, once crossed, continue the path until you reach the Foxo do Rego fountain, following the incline you will reach the highest point of the entire route, after crossing a pine wood, we can see one of the most popular architectural creations in traditional beekeeping, beehives.

Following the route you arrive at the hamlet of A Coelleira, starting the descent down a verydamp path, marked by flooded terrain which leads to the hamlet of Outeiro, place where you will find a new fountain and wash house of recent restoration. Continuing the route you reach Parada, where in addition to admiring the fountain and recently renovated wash house you can visit the church of Santo Tomé de Parada.

On leaving the village a few metres distance you come across the Piollo and Fraiz fountains. Following the trail you reach the fountain and wash house of O Barro which has its culmination in the mill and the fountain of Buxos.

This route is marked by oak, birch, chestnut and pine trees allowing us to discover the diverse wildlife such as robins, magpies and herons, kestrels, and owls. It is recommended that this route be done in the spring when the greenness of the landscape is flooded by the yellow lilies which bloom along the edges of the streams.


Starting Point:
Finishing Point:
Buxos Mill
3 h. Approx.
Distance to cover:
6,7 km.